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The New Canada Vape Tax Is Coming

The Canadian government announced that it will be implementing a new tax on vaping products.

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Exotics e-Liquids are exclusively blended in Canada.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Exotics e-Liquid experts begin with Premium, Pharmaceutical Grade, North American sourced Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

Food Grade Approved

Next, e-Liquid experts blend in delicious flavourings. Exotics e-Liquid blends each eJuice with only the highest quality, FDA approved flavourings.

Nicotine Strength

Lastly, Exotics e-Liquid experts blend in the chosen nicotine strength and blend the ingredients to create a sinfully delicious e-Liquid experience!

As leading professionals, we blend our e-Liquids since 2012 using only the highest quality, premium, North American sourced and FDA approved ingredients.

Essential Liquids Inc.

Premium e-Liquid Brands

Exotics e-Liquid

Exotics e-Liquid is an exciting and absolutely enticing e-Liquid brand blended to perfection at a 70/30 blend of premium, high quality- PG/VG. Check out the exceptional variety of flavours Exotics e-Liquid has to offer, 57 flavours to be exact!  

Amsterdam e-Liquid

Amsterdam e-Liquid is nothing short of sheer pleasure and joy, very similar to the legendary city; Amsterdam. Enjoy delicious flavours such as Sweet Tarts and Mild Tobacco. Expertly blended in a premium, high-quality blend of PG/VG at a 70/30 blend.

Kahuna eJuice

Kahuna eJuice is a delicious, lip-smacking blend of premium, high-quality PG/VG which eJuice experts blend to a sensational ratio of 30/70. Kahuna eJuice is expertly hand brewed in Canada, using only North American sourced ingredients

Naturals e-Liquid

Naturals e-Liquid is a refreshingly simple, organic and delightfully pleasant e-Liquid brand. Naturals is 100%VG and expertly blended with premium, high-quality, organic ingredients including Vegetable Glycerin, Flavourings and Nicotine (when selected).

Silk Cloud eJuice

Silk Cloud eJuice is an undeniably smooth, devilishly flavourful and exquisitely hand blended eJuice brand. e-Liquid experts use only the highest quality, North American sourced  ingredients in every 100%VG  premium eJuice.

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