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Are you new to travelling? Don’t get out very much? Be honest, has life been a bit, boring? Because really if you don’t know what Airplane Vaping Policies are, I feel for you! Travelling is a necessity in life! If you are not up to date with policies like this, my friend you do yourself a favour. Book a ticket, grab that passport and follow these 2 simple Airplane Vaping Policies, and you’ll have a fantastic vacation time!

Airplane Vaping Policies – Prep Work

The first step you’ll want to take is some prep work. This prep work starts with the familiar airplane task of prepping the carry-on luggage or personal item (bag/purse) that are travelling on the plane with you. First off, you will want to ensure that any e-Liquids that you plan to bring are 100ml or less. Next, after assuring that the bottles will pass the carry-on screening process. The same 100ml and under e-Liquid bottles must be transferred to a quart sized zip-lock baggie. Now if you’re feeling like you may need extra protection in case one of the e-Liquids happens to leak, double bag it. Most airlines allow their passengers to travel with approximately up to 3 bottles of e-Liquids.

After prepping the e-Liquids for your trip. The next step would be to prep the electronic cigarette itself, plus any additional hardware that may also be used. The first step would be to take apart the electronic cigarette entirely, clean each piece and then pack the pieces in small, clean and see-thru plastic bags. Afterwards, you’ll want to protect any spare batteries you’re bringing so that they won’t short-circuit along the way. Next, in your vape kit ensure that you have extra coils, a charger, plus anything else that may be needed.

Airplane Vaping Policies – While You’re at the Airport & On the Plane

The next step is quite easy to follow. As there have been similar rules put in place for years now. Back in the day, smokers could smoke on planes, in airports, and actually pretty much anywhere. Even hospitals! So, unfortunately, smokers went and ruined everything for the futuristic vaper generations because vaping is classified and treated the same as smoking cigarettes. The rules are very easy to follow. If you can not smoke there, then you can not vape there as well. Plain and easy right? This is not the case though! It’s fascinating to see people take a gander over to the bathroom whilst on a plane. Close the door, lock it behind them and somehow think they’re undetectable. That the smell of banana cream pie won’t waft out of the bathroom while the exit. Or that someone may be waiting outside to use the toilet afterwards. While the most popular, and often overlooked point. There are smoke detectors, and these same smoke detectors detect the vapour produced from an electronic cigarette. No matter the flavour is chosen. So don’t think that would fly!

Likewise, when you’re going thru the airport. Waiting for your plane, or even waiting to pick up someone up. You can’t vape while you wait. You can’t vape while in a line, and you actually can’t even vape in non-smoking areas. So treat it exactly like your electronic cigarettes a cigarette, unfortunately. And you will fare fan travelling thru the airport, waiting for your plane and as well on the airplane. Safe travels my friends! And remember, don’t wait this long again before you go take a trip! Everyone deserves some downtime. Live a little!