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Vaping Regulations in the 50 United States of America

Vaping laws have been passed throughout the entire USA.  Each State also has its own Vaping Regulations in the 50 United States of America. This guide will take you State to State and inform you of each one’s laws, by-laws, regulations, legislation and guidelines.

The majority of States follow a similar rule of thumb. And that is, generally where there is no smoking allowed, you are likewise not allowed to vape. Many States, public spaces and businesses allow vaping where otherwise tobacco cigarette smoking is prohibited. Be sure to save this guide for future reference if you are moving or like to travel. It can come in handy in a pinch.


Alabama’s Clean Air Act does not include vaping regulations. Electronic cigarettes are legal in public and for the most part, not all that frowned upon. That makes Alabama one of the most vaping tolerant States in the Union.


Alaska is arguably one of our greatest States for so many reasons. The Clean Indoor Act of Alaska does not restrict vaping even in places where smoking is forbidden. Alaska is one of the few States that doesn’t even have restrictive signage. You can vape in your igloo or at the local watering hole. No one cares.


The only thing hotter than the desert and the chicks in Phoenix is the loose vaping laws. The Smoke-Free Arizona Act forbids smoking in public places. But it makes no mention whatsoever as to vaping or electronic cigarette usage.


Arkansas follows suit with the other “A” States insofar as smoking is frowned upon yet vaping goes under the radar. The 2003 Indoor Clean Air Act only applies to smoke.


The “C” States are nothing like the “A” States. You would think that sunny California would be one of the better States, tolerance-wise. However, this is surprisingly not the case. The California and Professional Code of 2016 is extremely restrictive.


I love Colorado. Also, I love discussing vaping restrictions, as there are none. It makes sense. They smoke pot in public. How could they possibly give a sweet shite about vaping? And they don’t. They do, however, restrict tobacco smoking in accordance with 2005’s Colorado Clean Air Act.


Connecticut State Law prohibits vaping in public places. But that’s never stopped anyone. The police will not likely harass you unless you are blatantly inconsiderate. Public places are prohibited.


Not even sure if Delaware is even a State. But they do have their uptight codes and laws. In 2015 the Delaware State Code unanimously passed an anti-vaping law is stricter than their immigration laws. Trump would not be pleased.


Florida is a great place for vapers if you live in a van or a trailer park, no worries. You can vape anywhere you like from Alligator Alley to Little Cuba. Just don’t try to spark up at Walt Disney’s place. The Florida Indoor Clean Air Act of 2003 only applies to tobacco smoke.


The Georgia Smoke-Free Act of 2015 only prohibits tobacco smoking There’s no mention of vaping in any State regulations. Ain’t that a Georgia Peach.


The Hawaii Revised Statute vehemently opposes vaping and smoking everywhere. They won’t even let you vape on their beautiful beaches. Sad to think this remote paradise is so controlling. Aloha is all I have to say.


Welcome to Middle America, the land of cow tipping and Trump supporters. Their Clean Air Act of 2007 sets no restrictions on vaping whatsoever. You can vape anywhere you like. Of course, business owners can hang signage prohibiting you from vaping in their place of business should they so decide.


Welcome to the Windy City where everything is pretty cool with the exception of the strict anti-vaping regulations. The Smoke-Free Illinois Act vilifies vaping and classifies it as it does tobacco smoking. This is very unfair and ought to be revised given new research that shows vaping to have no second-hand harm.


I hate Indiana and politics. And the Smoke-Free Air Law is the epitome of why. The Indiana State Code prohibits “lighted tobacco smoking equipment.” That somehow means electronic cigarettes. So, although e-cigs have nothing to do with tobacco, be prepared for some HillBilly cop to beat your ass if you “light up.”


Iowa is not walk in the park either. The Iowa Smoke-Free Act of 2008 prohibits smoking. And although there is no legal wording aimed at vaping, they do not allow it in public. Cities and towns have the right to allow vaping. But none do, nice place.


The Kansas Indoor Clean Air Act passed in 2010 makes no mention of vaping. And there are no other laws or regulations Statewide. Their government website has a town by town break down of restrictions and ordinances. They also have a Kansas Smoke Free page.


Kentucky has one of the older Indoor Clean Air Acts which was passed way back in 1994. Of course, no one knew what vaping was in Kentucky then. So, as of now, you can smoke everywhere. There are zero restrictions. However, a new law The Smoke-Free Act is in legislation now and they’re coming for your electronic cigarettes.


Louisiana passed The Louisiana Smoke-Free Air Act way back in 2000. Again this is really long before the big boom in the vaping industry. Of course, like most States, you can be sure a place that frowns upon tobacco smoking will likely frown upon vaping. It’s always best to ask or do as I do, just vape discreetly.


Maine has anti-smoking laws covered under Title 22 of Maine’s Revised Status. The language is intentionally vague and could easily be interpreted to include vaping. However, there is no direct reference to electronic cigarettes or vaping. So, for the time being, vaping is allowed in public places.


In 2007 the Maryland Indoor Clean Air Act outlines smoking laws. It does not make any mention of vaping. Again 2007 was a long time ago. Local governmental bodies and municipalities can pass their own bylaws restricting vaping. As is par for the course, vaping is usually not allowed where smoking is banned.


My hometown of Boston is one of the coolest in the nation. Everything is legal in Boston. Gay marriage and pot smoking are 100% legal. Massachusetts State Law prohibits smoking but not vaping. So, you can vape THC in a restaurant after your meal. I like that.


Michigan’s Smoke-Free Air Act was drafted back in 2009. So, it does not cover vaping. But you can be sure that where you see signage in public venues such as restaurants and office buildings that prohibit smoking they will likely give you a hard time if you’re vaping.


And then there are States like this nest one. The Minnesota Indoor Clean Act includes very strict and restrictive regulations about electronic cigarettes. Do these assholes ever do any research? Do they really not realize that second-hand vapour is not at all harmful? I am sure they do but care.


The Mississippi Indoor Clean Air Act passed in 2013. And surprisingly does not address electronic cigarettes or vaping.  Mississippi is a poor and backward State that would likely prohibit vaping if they had the time or resources. But they have much bigger problems to deal with. Hopefully, by the time they get to voting again, they will use scientific studies when passing new laws.


The Missouri State Indoor Clean Air Law restricts cigarette smoking in public places. But it makes no mention of vaping. So, that is one good reason to visit. However, I honestly can’t think of any other reason to go to Missouri.


Montana is so big and opens you would be hard pressed to be offended by an actual smoker. However, in 2005 they did pass the Montana Indoor Clean Act prohibiting smoking. They make no mention whatsoever about electronic cigarettes or vaping. So, you can vape in public places or home on the range.


The Clean Indoor Act of Nebraska bans smoking everywhere. However, there is no mention of vaping. But The Department of Health and Human Services Act made sure to attack the vaping community. They banned vaping everywhere and even print signage for businesses prohibiting vaping. Nebraska is not a nice place.


What happens in Nevada stays in Nevada. Vaping is completely legal in public. In fact, most casinos have smoking rooms. It makes sense that the laws are lax here. After all, they allow gambling and prostitution. Why would they care about vaping? A 2008 Nevada Indoor Clean Act does restrict smoking. But it is rarely enforced in businesses geared toward adults.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of the best States in the Union. Live Free or Die is the State motto and they take it seriously. But in 2010 they passed Statewide Legislation bans public smoking. They are cool with vaping and riding motorcycles without helmets.

New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the dirtiest States in the country. The pollution alone will destroy your lungs. But they do not want you vaping. A Statewide Vaping Ban was put in place in 2010. Cross the river to Manhattan and relax.

New Mexico

New Mexico has a unique approach. The Smoke-Free New Mexico policy bans smoking. But it only banns vaping on school premises Vaping is allowed in other public places. Businesses can decide for themselves if they want to let you vape. Go to the State website for specifics.

New York

New York State does not ban vaping in public places. However, New York City does not allow vaping anywhere. The 2005 New York City Smoke-Free Laws treat vaping just like cigarettes.

North Carolina

No Statewide Regulations ban vaping in North Carolina. Counties and towns can pass their own bylaws and they have. So, check the State’s website and know before you go.

North Dakota

The North Dakota Century Code completely bans vaping statewide. These are some of the most strict regulations in the country. You cannot vape anywhere, not even outside. You must be at least 30 feet away from any public building before you can fire up your Estick.


Ohio has a very different approach than most States. The Ohio Revised Code only bans vaping in government buildings. You can vape in public and even on school premises. Someone must have read the actual science and presented facts while drafting their laws. Good job Ohio!


A 2013 Statewide Law prohibits vaping and electronic cigarettes in all State-owned premises. They treat vaping like cigarette smoking and do not allow it anywhere. However, counties and towns can pass their own ordinances easing restrictions if they choose, very few have.


Oregon is an interesting State. It was one of the very first States to legalize marijuana. But the recently passed Oregon Revised Statutes bans vaping everywhere. That is Big Tobacco hard at work to keep people smoking cigarettes. Oregon is one of the few States that actually hang “No Vaping” signs in public places.


Pennsylvania has no standing Statewide ban. However, cities like Philadelphia have a complete citywide ban. The Clean Indoor Air Act of 2008 makes no such restrictions. But, as is usually the case, cities can make their own ordinances.

Rhode Island

The Smoke-Free Public Places and Work passed way back in 2005. It has not yet been revised to incorporate vaping restrictions. There is no Statewide ban. You are free to vape wherever you like. But certain businesses do frown upon vaping. Visit their website for more information.

South Carolina

You can vape in public in South Carolina. The Clean Indoor Air Act passed way back in 1990. This was long before any lawmaker even heard of electronic cigarettes. The Public Health Services did pass an ordinance making it illegal to vape in ambulances. That’s interesting.

South Dakota

The South Dakota Codified Laws restrict smoking but not vaping. I could find no restrictions or mention of actual laws prohibiting vaping. Although, there is mention of cities and towns capacity to pass their own laws.


The Tennessee Non-Smoker Protection Act of 2007 came along before vaping and therefore makes no such mention. The Public Health Law Center did pass restrictions on vaping in public places recently in 2016.


The Texas Department of State Health Services passed very restrictive policies on vaping in public. You can’t vape anywhere. They specifically list places like, cabs, buses, airports, campuses and more. They will sell you an electronic cigarette. But they don’t want you to use it. Giddy up Cowboy!


Vaping was banned back in 2012 by the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act. They treat vaping the exact same way they treat smoking. When Mormons are drafting laws you can expect superstition to take precedent over actual science. It is hard to even find vaping shops in Utah. Fun State!


Vermont has very strict laws. They hate vaping. Act 135 of Vermont State Law prohibits vaping in all public places. You are not allowed to vape in a car with minors. And you can forget vaping in public.


Virginia is surprisingly lax when it comes to vaping. The Code of Virginia does ban vaping in some public places like buses and schools. But you can vape in public. Signage is available in public places where they don’t want you vaping. Otherwise, you are free to vape.


The Revised Code of Washington only prohibits vaping on school campuses. I can deal with that. You are free to vape in public. It makes sense you can smoke pot in public. So why not let you vape your Estick?

West Virginia

Strangely enough, West Virginia has pretty identical laws as Washington. The West Virginia Code prohibits vaping only in schools. Public vaping is fine. So go enjoy those beautiful mountains.


The Wisconsin Statewide Smoke-Free Air Law bans smoking. And it also makes mention of vaping and electronic cigarettes. But it in no way restricts usage or prohibits vaping in private or public places.


Wyoming, like all States, prohibits sales to minors under the age of 18. Aside from that universal rule, vaping is not prohibited in public. Vape just about anywhere you like.