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Best Online Vape Shops 2019

What are the Best Online Vape Shops 2019? With 2019 already out of the racing gates, it’s about time that the list of the Best Online Vape Shops 2019 is released! So, without further adieu, here are the Best Online Vape Shops 2019!

Nikki’s Vapor Bar

Nikki’s Vapor Bar has been selling premium, high-quality e-Liquids and hardware since 2012. In fact, Nikki’s only sells e-Liquid brands that they, themselves have blended by hand. Using premium, high-quality ingredients Nikki’s e-Liquid specialists sourced from North America. Nikki’s Vapor Bar’s premium e-Liquid brands include Exotics, Naturals, Kahuna, Amsterdam and Silk Cloud. As well as their line of essential oils for vaporizers, Dosha Breathables. Some of the premium hardware Nikki’s offers customers include Kanger, Aspire, eStick and eLeaf. Nikki’s friendly and knowledgeable customer service team are available 7 days a week by phone, chat and email!  Use the coupon code FIRSTORDER for 15% off your first e-Liquid order!


Kandy Pens have been in the vaping game since 2015. Although KandyPens doesn’t sell e-Liquids, they have grown to be quite the celebrity influenced vape company! Artists such as DJ Khalid, A$AP ROCKY, FATBOY SSE, Amber Rose and Young M.A. and more use their KandPens regularly in music videos as well as commercials. KandyPen boasts a very impressive collection of vaping gear. From the star-named pens the Rubi, Amber and A$AP, to tanks, batteries and even apparel! As well as coils, mouthpieces, the popular MIVA 2, K-Box and so much more! Check out KandyPens website to see their celebrity endorsers in action on 1 of hundreds of videos located on their page! Use the coupon code VD20 for 20% off!

Vape World

Vape World began the process of selling high-quality, premium hardware and e-Liquids since 2007 when Firefly co-founder Mark Williams and Robinson met dancing at burning man. (Guess good things come from dancing like loonies at a drug-induced festival, LOL!) Vape World offers customers a wide array of vape pens such as KandyPens, Divinci, Firefly, Yocan and many more! Additionally, Vape World offers customers various paraphernalia as well. Including grinders, rolling papers, vaporizers, and torches. As well as glassware from Trailer Park Boys, Pounds by Snoop, Jane West and Marley Natural. Vape World customer service reps are available by fax, phone and email and are also very active on their social media pages.

Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor has been selling premium, high-quality hardware and e-Liquids since. Similar to Nikki’s Vapor Bar, Mig Vapor only sells e-Liquid brands that are their own brand. Premium e-Liquid flavours including Cassanova, a delicious blend of 3 melons, menthol and guava. Volcano Lava Juice, a lively blend of strawberries, pineapple and coconut blended perfectly with just the right amount of cream. Mig Vapor also offers customers the option to make their own eJuice flavour, as well as the option to choose from a wide array of vape accessories, electronic cigarettes, vape tanks and vape mods. As well as paraphernalia including glass bongs, hand pipes and dabbers. Use the coupon code QUITDAY for 10% off your order!