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Can Vaping Make Your Sex Life Better?

Can vaping make your sex life better? The answer is yes, absolutely. How? Well, there are few ways vaping can help out your stale sex life. First and foremost, vaping can help you quit smoking cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes are a poison that hurt you and your body. They actually lower your desire to even want to have sex. This doesn’t even count the fact that your ability to perform is greatly hindered. It’s hard to exercise when you’re sick and you can’t even breathe.

Vaping is Far Better than Smoking for Your Health

Let’s look at tobacco smoking first. We know from decades of research and studies that smoking will kill you. What’s worse is your health before you die. Think about it. Your breath smells like shit. Your teeth are yellow and brown. One can only imagine the ravages taking place inside your body. You know your lungs are charcoal black and don’t function well. Try running up a flight of a dozen stairs. If you can’t do that, how the Hell do you plan to satisfy a woman for an hour? It simply is not going to happen.

Cigarettes contain over 7000 chemicals. At least 400 of those known chemicals are cancer causing. So, your chances of a painful, early death are very substantial.  You also look like shit. Smoking causes wrinkles and speeds up the ageing process. That is not sexy or going to turn anyone on. Would you like to make your sex life better? Try vaping. Research has proven most of all that smoking lowers the libido. Finally, ask any non-smoker if they would date you. The answer is a resounding ”No!” That alone ought to raise a red flag.

Satisfy your Partner Sexually

Smokers tend to be overweight. This makes sense. How can you go for a jog if you can’t even make it up the stairs to the bedroom without taking a break? This is not going to attract sexual partners. To satisfy another person you need stamina. Smokers do not have stamina. Smoking reduces the body’s ability to absorb oxygen into the bloodstream. If you can’t breathe you cannot “exercise.” And basically, a good session is exercise.

Vaping can turn all this around. When you eliminate the dangerous poisons of tobacco cigarettes and replace that with vaping you will feel better in a matter of days. I know when I quit smoking and took up vaping I could run up the stairs without being winded after only three days. I quickly noticed I was horny more often. I thought that was just my mind. But science backs it up. You feel better, smell better, things taste better and your energy level goes through the roof. What better way to take advantage of that than having sex.

Vaping also allows you to reduce nicotine intake. Nicotine does inhibit the libido as well. However, the average vaping session only gives the user about 10% of the nicotine they would receive smoking cigarettes. Moreover, you can eliminate nicotine altogether.

Can Vaping Make Your Sex Life Better?

Vaping improves not only your sex life but your overall health and wellbeing.  For starters, you won’t offend your partner when you vape. Vapour dissipates almost instantly and does not smell bad like tobacco smoke. Also, it does not have any harmful secondhand effects. Vaping is sexy, unlike smoking. If you are in a long term relationship you can believe me when I say thing are going to get better in the bedroom. Your lover is going to be so proud of you for starters for kicking that disgusting and expensive habit.

You are going to look, smell and taste better. Even your ejaculation will taste better. Semen taste is affected by smoking making it taste acrid. You are going to lose weight and look more appealing to your lover. And most of all you are going to be able to give it to your partner with more gusto than you have in years. And another nice benefit is that more sex leads to even more sex. Vaping will make your sex life better. Start today, get laid tomorrow!