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Canadian vaping laws are changing on an almost weekly basis. Vaping electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity over cigarettes. Each province is implementing its own laws regarding age and vaping location restrictions. On the federal level manufacturers need authorization from the Foods and Drug act to sell e-Liquids containing nicotine.

Each individual province sets its own guidelines. Laws for vaping vary. Lets break it down province by province. Know the laws of your province. Most laws are similar. Moreover this will be of useful to any vaper that is traveling across Canada.

Canadian Vaping Laws – Alberta

All cities in Alberta have the same restrictions that apply to cigarette smoking.There is an exception within enclosed retail vape shops. Some restaurants and bars allow vaping outside. However if no signs posted, it’s best to ask. In Edmonton, in enclosed places and outdoor public locations vaping is illegal. Vapers must be 19 years of age to purchase e-Cigs.

Canadian Vaping Laws – Ontario

In this province the same laws apply for tobacco as for vaping and vaping supplies. The legal age to buy cigarettes or electronic cigarettes is 19. You must produce a proper identification to allow to purchase and consume both products. SOFA (Smoke Free Ontario Act) of 2018 states that it is illegal to smoke or use electronic cigarettes in any enclosed places. This means office buildings, schools, apartments. Also all restaurants and their out door patio areas. Not to mention vaping in cars is also prohibited.

Canadian Vaping Laws – British Columbia

There’ve been restrictions in place on vaping indoors and public places that are wide ranging. Vaping’s prohibited by law in all public buildings or entrances. Including beaches, parks and other public outdoor areas. As well as sporting events. Restrictions have also been set for restaurants, cafes and public outdoor patio areas. So it comes as no surprise that vaping’s not allowed in British Columbia’s many national parks, including marine parks.

Canadian Vaping Laws – New Brunswick

In New Brunswick you have to be 19 years of age to buy an electronic cigarette. There have been rules put into place on the regulations of testimonials and vaping lifestyle advertising. You can not declare in any manner that vaping is less dangerous than tobacco products. This province applies the same restrictions as others on prohibited public locations.

Canadian Vaping Laws – Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has from the beginning some of the most restrictions on the electronic cigarette. The provincial government has put e-Cigs and and e-Liquid in the same category as cigarettes and other tobacco products. Vaping products can not be in full view like cigarettes at point of sales. Also there is no advertising allowed on the outside of retail outlets. Vaping in public buildings and parks is against the law. Sales of electronic cigarettes and e-Liquids aren’t taxed the same way as tobacco products.

Canadian Vaping Laws – Manitoba

In Manitoba the laws are a little less restrictive than most. Here you can buy electronic cigarettes and e-Liquids at the age of 19. In this province you cannot vape in public places. If there’s smoking areas then there’s also vaping too. Some outdoor restaurant patios still allow smoking and vaping. The winters are some of the worst in the country. So, I presume they are being lenient in this regard.

Canadian Vaping Laws – Quebec

Quebec like the rest of Canada places restrictions on vaping in public buildings and public parks and beaches. There are also restrictions on advertising in stores that sell tobacco products. The legal age is 19. But like Manitoba advertising is against the law in retail stores. Vape shops are an exception. Therefore, you need special licensing permits for electronic cigarettes. Vendors need registration for legal sales of all vaping products.

Canadian Vaping Laws – Saskatchewan

The same laws apply as other provinces with vaping or smoking in public buildings and public spaces. Advertising is also restricted to internet and retail vaping locations. But you must be 19 years of age to purchase electronic cigarettes or e-Liquids. That is throughout Canada. There’s no exceptions. No one wants kids smoking or vaping. the same holds true for alcohol.

Canadian Vaping Laws – Newfoundland & Labrador

Currently in these locations vaping restrictions apply the same as cigarette smoking. In addition, only posted designated areas allow vaping. Also prohibited is any advertising with the exception of retail vape shops. But you can find small towns where laws are not really enforced. So, go there. And avoid the big cities. they’re more strict.

Canadian Vaping Laws – Prince Edward Island

Laws applying to vaping are in line with the rest of eastern provinces. Most public areas now have signs posted where vaping isn’t allowed too. Electronic cigarettes sales aren’t approved in vaping retail shops only.

Canadian Vaping Laws – Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon

Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon allows vaping in designated smoking locations only. Also sales allocated to registered vape shop locations without exception.

So In conclusion, it is always important to follow the appropriate provincial laws to avoid costly fines too. There are many laws. Most of these laws are similar. But know the laws. Because they differ provincially. Use common sense. Then vape safely.