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Does Allergy Season Affect Vapers?

I love spring. Who doesn’t love shredding off all those winter clothes, and saying goodbye to the boots, gloves and hats, and trading them in for bikinis, shorts and sunscreen? The flowers come back in bloom and life is bustling with weddings and all sorts of fun and exciting outdoor activities. The irony is that all the beautiful flora and fauna causes many of us to have allergies. The sneezing, itchy throat and watering eyes can really ruin spring for a guy like me, and I vape. So the question stands, Does Allergy Season Affect Vapers? Well, let’s see.

Does Vaping Cause Allergies?

Allergies are something you generally either have or do not have. It’s is part of your immune system and its ability to fend off foreign elements. Most of our biological setup is similar. However, there are different degrees to which each of us can handle different molecules, disease and stimuli. There are people who, of course, may be allergic to eJuice and e-Liquid, but vaping in and of itself does not cause allergies.

Also, you will not suddenly develop allergies from vaping. There is no scientific evidence that even remotely shows anything of the sort. So, if you read otherwise you may want to check the source of the claim. It will likely be more false news put out by Big Tobacco to scare you into a continued life of smoking their poison. What scientific studies have shown to the contrary is that vaping does not negatively impact your immune system. As should be the case with any newly developed illnesses or allergies get a medical opinion and look elsewhere for the causes.

Will Vaping Exacerbate My Allergies?

The general consensus here is that vaping will not worsen your pre-existing allergies. Again, there are no studies that back this up. Allergies are different for everyone and affect us on different levels and to different degrees. For example, we all are somewhat allergic to pollen. Your immune system’s ability to fight off a reaction may be better or worse than the next guy’s ability to fight it off. If you only vape outdoors and notice bad allergies in the spring it may be the pollen. But it is unlikely that vaping has anything to do with your predicament.

Those of you who have recently kicked the cigarettes and taken up vaping might be experiencing allergies for the first time and thinking that vaping is the cause. It is far more likely that your body is reacting to detoxification due to all those poisonous chemicals leaving your system. This process is known to lower the immune system. And that is an open door for pollen and the likes.

What about the Chemicals in eJuices?

The possibility certainly exists that you may be more sensitive to the ingredients in eJuice during allergy season. Lesser quality vaping juices may contain unhealthy chemicals that can cause your immune system to be breached. The correlation here is that while normal springtime allergens that your body typically fought off before you took up vaping are now flaring up. Poor quality eJuice is not good for your health.

A compromised immune system is a direct result. And so it stands to reason that allergies and other problems could arise. Again, we still do not have substantial studies to back up these claims. But common sense leads to the possible supposition. The best thing you can do is know what you are putting in your body. It is paramount that you know the eJuice you are vaporizing. This is as crucial to your wellbeing as diet and exercise. Do the research, choose your juice wisely and stop and smell the flowers!