Does Vaping Save Money? It sure does. And not a little. We are talking about huge savings. On an annual basis the amount of money you will save vaping versus smoking cigarettes is not only substantial, its potentially life changing. We are discussing the financial benefits here. But there are also multiple health benefits which we will discuss briefly, just to give you a better idea of how vaping betters your life. For the record, good health saves you money too. But today we really want to focus on the question of does vaping save money?

Show Me The Money

Ex-smokers will find this section fascinating. If you’re thinking about quitting cigarettes or already have, here are some powerful reasons to stick to vaping. How does vaping save you money? Well, the first is obvious. Cigarettes cost a fortune. Let’s do some simple math. For example, if you live in New York City a box of Marlboro Cigarettes will cost you about $14 dollars at your local grocery store. Now let’s look at the average 2 pack a day smoker. You’re spending $28 dollars a day. Even at one pack a day you’re spending about $5110 dollars a year. But if you’re like me, a 2 pack a day smoker, you’re spending over $10,000 a year. What could you do with an extra $10,000 a year? That’s a new car or a dream vacation for me. That much money practically covers my rent for an entire year. The savings are insane.

Does Vaping Save Money?

Of course, vaping isn’t free. However, vaping is affordable. And compared to the cost of cigarettes, its really no contest. I buy usually one 30ml bottle a month. An average price for premium eJuice would be around $20 dollars. I would imagine a 2 pack a day ex-smoker recently kicking the habit could vape more juice. But more than 30ml’s is lot. Even still, let’s use 40 l’s to get a good high number to illustrate the absolute savings. Firstly, you need an electronic cigarette and some gear. That is pretty much a one time cost. I got my eStick Single Starter Kit for just $29.99. Larger Starter Kits run anywhere from 30 to 70 bucks.

So, my Kit cost the same as 2 boxes of cigarettes, or just one day of smoking. Most 30ml eJuice bottles sell for around 20 bucks and last 3-4 weeks. Therefore, annually I spend about $240 dollars on juice. Tack on $50 dollars for an e-Cig, new tips and parts and I spend less than $300 dollars a year. Remember, I smoked two packs a day. So, I am saving close to $10,000 a year. That is my new car and I’ve taken a dream vacation. That much money actually did cover my rent for an entire year. As stated, the savings are insane.

How Else Does Vaping Save Me Money?

One place you will save money is in “time.” You will spend far less time looking for and purchasing eJuice than you will smoking. People who smoke usually pick up 2 or 3 packs at a time as they are bulky and expensive. However, when they run out they have to go out and buy more. And they do. No smoker goes without for very long. So hop in the car and get back down to the local gas station or grocery. There is another savings right there, gasoline. Gasoline costs a fortune. Most people buy their eJuice online. So not only no gasoline bills but no loss of valuable time which could be spent far more wisely.

Oh, and cancer ain’t cheap either. Vaping is a far healthier choice than smoking. Yet you may be asking yourself, “How does vaping save me money by my being healthy?” Because being sick is very expensive. Chemotherapy is super expensive. So, are all pharmaceuticals for whatever illness you acquire. Cigarettes contain over 4000 deadly chemicals. You will get sick. And you will miss work and spend money on medications. It’s just a matter of time. Then you will die. And guess what? Dying is expensive too. Just ask the crushed loved one you will be leaving behind that have to pay for your selfish stupidity. So, don’t be stupid. Don’t be selfish. And don’t die sticking them with your bills. Vape, save your own life and save money at the same time. You’re welcome!