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We are proud to bring you The Know How – A Vapor’s Glossary, This guide will help shed some light on the lingo and slang that we use for vaping. You have probably heard many of these terms already. But there will certainly be some new ones that you will want to know to increase your vaping pleasure. Plus you want to sound cool in front of your vaping snob friends. So, let’s play a little alphabet game and get learning.


A is for the atomizer. The atomizer is sometimes abbreviated as Atty in descriptions and blogs. Another term for atomizers is a coil. They are one and the same. That is important to know so you don’t get confused. The atomizer is where you put your eJuice. It’s these coils that heat up the liquid and turn it into vapour.


B is for Bottom Coil Clearomizers. These are atomizers that are located at the bottom of the clearomizer. This is where you fill your e-Liquid. You generally unscrew this top half and pour the liquid into the bottom as opposed to a top load. These are less popular now as they are a pain in the neck and tend to leak.

The Know How - A Vapor's Glossary


C is for Ceramic Coils. These are newer and perform much better than the older standard coils. They have longer life spans and heat much more efficiently. They house eJuice and heat evenly. This makes for better flavour and fatter clouds.


D is for Dry Hit. I chose this D because it is important if you’re new to vaping. You have to keep those coils wet, especially when first loading your rig. Saturate the coils or you may get a very unpleasant dry hit. It burns and you might be inhaling a dangerous burn. After you do this once or twice you will understand fully and never do it again.


E is for e-Liquid or eJuice. What do you need to know more about than this? Nothing. You eJuice choice dictates your enjoyment and fulfills your needs. These juices are comprised of PG and VG solutions and a bit of flavour. You may also add whatever nicotine level you need to stay off the cigarettes. Better quality juice means a better vaping experience.


F is for Flooding. Flooding is when your eJuice floods into your atomizer. This can be very unpleasant as well. A nice mouthful of eJuice burns and is probably not very good for your health. This doesn’t happen in newer and better built electronic cigarettes. This is more prevalent in bottom fill e-cigs.

The Know How - A Vapor's Glossary


G is for get vaping, get healthier! I couldn’t really find anything that wasn’t a company plug. So why not focus on the reason we vape. We want to live and to be able to breathe and stop poisoning ourselves with tobacco cigarettes. Vaping is clearly the healthier choice. So Get Vaping and Get healthier.


H is for Herbert Gilbert our creator and savour. Herbie invented the electronic cigarette back in the 1960’s if you can believe that. He took out the first patent on a battery-powered inhalation device. Thanks, Herbie.


I is for inhalation. This is fairly straightforward. All e-cigs have an activation button that fires up the coils and converts your eJuice into vapour. You suck on the tip and receive an inhalation based on your power and wattage. Inhalation with e-cigs can be completely controlled by settings, unlike cigarettes.


J is for Juice of course. This refers to any e-Liquid or eJuice that you fill up your e-cig with. As we stated these juices are usually flavoured to mimic tobacco cigarettes or fruit flavours. The list is endless. You can pretty much vape any flavour that you can imagine.

The Know How - A Vapor's Glossary


K is for Kanthal. This is not as much a plug for the company as it is for their standard industry-wide resistance wires. This alloy is used in more coils and atomizers than any other. If you have vaped you have almost certainly used Kanthal wires.


L is for LED. LED stands for “light emitting diode. It’s the indicator that lights up when you inhale that informs you how much battery power you have left on your charge. A green light means you’re good to go. Once it turns orange you’re getting low. And a red light means time to charge. This is a great function so you plan accordingly. Nothing worse than being out for the night and having a dead e-cig.


M is for Mod. This is for the advanced vaping crowd. Mod is short for modification. If you have some electronic skills you can take an existing electronic cigarette and pimp it out like you would a car. You can add bigger more powerful components to maximize performance and vapour output. But be careful you don’t blow yourself up.


N is for Nicotine. Nicotine is optional in eJuice. But for most vapers, it is the most important element. Nicotine is the addictive chemical in cigarettes. And vaping was invented as a smoking cessation device. Many trying to quit using a high percentage of nicotine like 12 or 18 or even 24 mgs. They lower it as the desire to pick up a real cigarette fades. The goal is to eventually use none at all, having successfully kicked the nasty habit.

The Know How - A Vapor's Glossary


O is for Ohms. This is a technical term in electricity that refers to electronic resistance. Ohms are the measured units of resistance of the coils in the atomizer. The more Ohms you use the lower the resistance and thereby more vapour.


P is for PENIS. There are many names for e-Cigs and one just happens to be Personal Electronic Nicotine Inhaler System. Of course, this term was made up by a joker in the vaping community. But I had to list it here today. It is not often that I get to use the word penis in a blog. So any chance I get I use the word penis, I do. Oh, I just said penis again, and again. OK, I’ll stop. Aren’t you glad I stopped saying penis? DOH


Q is for the band Queen. Queen is the band I like to watch sometimes while vaping. I especially enjoyed their live performance at Live Aid in 1985. I couldn’t come up with anything Q so I am just trying to be funny.


R is for resistance. And no I don’t mean the French Resistance. For that go read about WW2. This resistance refers to the ohms in your atomizer. The lower you can get the resistance the more heat you can create. More heat means more vapour and that is the name of the game after all.

The Know How - A Vapor's Glossary


S is for Stealth. A big and nice part of vaping is discretion. Unlike smoking, you can vape in peace without bothering anyone. They don’t even need to know. In places where smoking is not allowed vaping comes in real handy. Even if vaping is frowned upon, you can sneak a vape in the corner or the bathroom and no one will be the wiser.


T is for Throat Hit. If you have yet to enjoy a fat throat hit no worries it will happen soon enough. Although if you’re careful, unlike me, you may not have to suffer the horrible Throat Hit. A Throat Hit is what you get if you vape all your eJuice and your tank is empty and you draw a dry hit. It burns the coils which in turn burns the back of your throat. It is very unpleasant. So, just be careful.


U is for U Tech Replacement Coils. Coils burn out and Aspire has created a sweet U Tech replacement coil that fits all standard electronic cigarettes. These are great. Coils generally burn out after a couple weeks. With U tech you simply take out the old one and pop in the replacement and get right back to vaping.


V is for Vape Porn. Vape Porn is basically anything that gets hardcore vapers really excited. Like photos on the Internet of new e-cig models or upgrades. But more than that it’s the adverts with super hot chicks vaping. I must admit I get a little excited myself when I see a hot scantily clad chick vaping. Oh yes, I do.

The Know How - A Vapor's Glossary


W is for Wick. Your wick is the small piece of cotton in your cartridge that you saturate with eJuice. The wick absorbs and holds the liquid. Once you hit the heating element button the liquid in your wick vaporizes and Voila!


X is for ex-smoker. And that ex-smoker is you. Thank God for vaping we all now have a chance to enjoy a longer and far more healthy life. Vaping saves lives. And it’s very fun and satisfying at the same time. Be proud. I am proud to be an ex-smoker. And oh yea, “Fuck you, Phillip Morris!”


Y is for years. We are talking about the extra years you have added to your life by quitting smoking And they will be good years. Because you will be healthy. And you have vaping to thank for that.


Z is for Zero. Zero nicotine. That is your goal as a vaper, to eventually wean yourself off the addiction. Zero is also the money you will need to spend on chemotherapy or an early gravestone. Again we have Vaping to thanks. Cheers Mates!