My 5 Favourite eJuices 2019

Holla…It is 2019 kids. And we are on our way to a stellar year with some out of this world fantastic eJuices. I want to let you guys know about my current 5 favourite flavours that I have been enjoying recently. I have a few new ones and a couple of classics I still got to have. This is pretty much all you need to get you through the year in style. Let’s go!

Cuban Blend by NKD 100 Salt

I no longer smoke cigarettes but I love a good cigar every now and then. Recently, I discovered Cuban Blend and love the cigar flavour for vaping. I still enjoy the taste of tobacco and have vaped many good tobacco eJuices. But I had never tried an authentic cigar flavour in e-Liquid form until Cuban Blend. It really has a pleasant vapour that reeks of old Havana. NKD 100 Salt e-Liquid blend fresh Cuban cigar flavour together with nicotine salts. Nicotine Salts are a high nicotine formulation designed to deliver a more potent nicotine hit. These are perfect for people trying to quit smoking cigarettes. My 30ml bottle has 50 mg of nicotine. That means your nicotine cravings are met at the same level a pack of tobacco cigarettes. In this case, a fat Cuban Blend that’s Muy Bueno!

Cherry Limesicle by Silk Cloud

My tastes have changed over the years and I have acquired a bit a sweet tooth and a lust for fruity and zesty eJuices. It doesn’t get any more fruity or zesty than when you combine cherries and limes. This eJuice will satisfy the most discerning vaping veterans. Silk Cloud is a top-shelf company that towers over the completion when it comes to taste, vapour and quality. Using only 100% VG blends that maximize vapour and flavour. Silk Cloud is a longtime favourite company of mine. I often forget how much I enjoy their brand until I try something new. It’s always a step above the rest. The flavours are just so pure and poignant. What I really like about this flavour is that there is an absolutely distinct and noticeable separation of flavours. You get a strong lime kick and a very different strong cherry kick that is not muddled. I remember the same enjoyment when I first tried their Chocolate and Strawberry, which is still an all-time favourite of mine. But I think this summer is all about their awesome Cherry Limesicle.

Wasabi e-Liquid by Veppo

Now you may not find this e-Liquid on the top of any Best of 2019 lists. For one, it has been around for quite a few years. And secondly, this is not a flavour for everyone. Wasabi is a potent burning flavour. In case you’re unfamiliar with wasabi, it is the green paste that people mix with soy sauce when eating sushi. One little dollop is enough to make your nose run and eyes tear up. So, Wasabi is an eJuice that suits heat chasers. If you’re the type of person who enjoys eating hot peppers, Veppo’s Wasabi is ideal to awaken the senses. I love it when drinking cold beverages.

Cinnamon Red Hots eJuice by Exotics e-Liquid

I love Red Hots. This is a very unique flavour that might not be for the average person looking for a typical vaping experience. But if you like to spice things up then Red Hots is a must try. Admittedly, it may not be an all-day vaping e-Liquid. But it sure is a nice treat on a night out. I enjoy this when I am having a few drinks with friends or enjoying a nice dinner at a restaurant or friend’s house party. The spicy kick and cinnamon finish are tantalizing on the palate.

I buy the big 130 ml bottle of 60 dollars. Exotics only use the highest premium pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Red Hots is a spicy 33/66 percent blend of PG and VG. This maximizes the taste and makes Red Hots one of my favourite night time eJuices of 2019.

Capone eJuice by the Sauce LA

Capone is a wickedly sweet breakfast treat by Sauce LA. At the Sauce, they specialize in great cereal and sweet creations. Bruce Jenner might be the guy, or gal, Breakfast of Champions but Capone is the Champion of Breakfast e-Juices. One hit of this is a lot like sucking sugar of the bottom of a bowl mushy Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops. But what really makes it my favourite is the citrus blast on top of all that sugar. It’s a really sweet blast.

I think many regular vapers might find it too sweet. But if you have a sweet tooth, like I do and really like the taste, then you will love Capone too. The Sauce LA is an affordable eJuice which I also like having to pay the bills in 2019.