Citrus Splash e-Liquid

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Citrus Splash e-Liquid by Exotics e-Liquid is a flavour packed wave. Full of such delightfully exciting Citrus flavours including Orange, Lime, and zesty Lemon. Notably, hand brewed in Canada by Exotics e-Liquid.

e-Liquid PG/VG Blend

A specifically hand brewed, premium e-Liquid. Blended to perfection at a 34/66 Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin mix. Another key point about Citrus Splash eJuice uses only pharmaceutical grade, high-quality base ingredients.

Citrus Splash e-Liquid Sizes

Clients may purchase Citrus Splash eJuice in indeed two fabulous sizes. Either in the truly conveniently 30ml sized bottle – ideal for traveling with. Or in the obviously super value-packed 130ml bottle.

Made In Canada

Citrus Splash e-Liquid is notably and proudly brewed in Canada by Exotic e-Liquids eJuice specialists. Exotics e-Liquid uses only FDA approved natural and artificial flavourings, as well as premium, high-quality base ingredients in every e-Liquid.

Additional information

Citrus Splash e-Liquid Strengths

0mg, 4mg, 8mg, 12mg, 18mg

Citrus Splash e-Liquid Sizes

30ml, 130ml

7 reviews for Citrus Splash e-Liquid

  1. Lauren, ON

    Citrus splash is an absolute must have if citrus is your jam! I love the tart after taste

  2. Sean, NL

    God damn that’s a good eJuice!!! If citrus is your jam then you for sure need to dabble in the perfection that is the citrus splash.

  3. Susan, MB

    Wow this has a refreshing zing!

  4. Terry, MT

    Absolutely invigorating. A wonderful mix of citrus flavors!

  5. Phillip, DE

    Wow, really strong flavor great

  6. Jordyn, AB

    Very lively flavour, almost a bit tarty, but still pretty good!

  7. Josh, SK

    I love this flavor! Great for the summer, and also in the morning with my coffee.

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