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Quality eJuice Companies. The ingredients in eJuice vary with companies. The quality of the eJuice you choose is important for a great vaping experience. The main ingredients in eJuice are propylene glycol, glycerin, vegetable food grade flavorings, and nicotine. Nicotine levels can range from 0% –  12%. So for people who have quit cigarettes and are vaping their electronic cigarette, 0% nicotine can be their goal. One company that provides a high-quality product is Naturals e-Liquid which utilizes organic ingredients. Naturals e-lIquid uses 100% USDA approved vegetable glycerin. Some people have an allergy to propylene glycol so none are used in Naturals products. Also, the variety of flavors including fruit, sweet, and tobacco flavors are outstanding.

Quality eJuice Companies – Naturals e-Liquid & Nikkis Vapor Bar

With 100% vegetable glycerin this assures a smooth vape and not to mention big clouds. However, there are also many other quality eJuice to choose from. A good idea is to visit a vape shop with informative staff. Whenever I’m in Vancouver I stop by Nikki’s Vapor Bar. Here you have one-stop shopping. With electronic cigarettes and high-quality eJuice, this shop has it all. The friendly staff is always eager to help or inform the newbie on the merits of their products. This is a great place to try different and exciting new products. They also have all the information of ingredients that are included in every eJuice. Moreover these days more and more vapers are trying to kick the nicotine habit. Nikki’s Vapor Bar has a wide variety of 0% nicotine eJuice. Surprisingly there is a new cool cat on the block.

Quality eJuice Companies – Amsterdam THC e-Liquid

This cat wants a different experience with vaping. Introducing THC infused eJuice for the stoners pleasure. Therefore in with the legalization of marijuana in Canada for recreational use vaping, THC is becoming very popular. So quality here again plays an integral part in choosing a quality reputable THC eJuice. Canada’s Amsterdam THC e-Liquid is a premium product that ensures purity. Utilizing the system of a 750mg Super Critical Co2 extracted THC concentrate, you receive a very pleasant vape indeed. The THC level is 75%, so this is a very potent pure vape. For those who are new to the world of vaping THC take it slow. Just one or two small puffs is enough to get you to the place you want to be. Amsterdam also uses only premium quality PG/VG base liquids with FDA approved food grade delicious flavors. Also, the cartridges use the standard 510 thread that fits most batteries.

Quality eJuice Companies – Premium

The wonderful aspect of vaping is improving your health. It is important to realize that cigarettes contain over 4000 harmful chemicals. You could not have a worse habit than inhaling poison day after day. With vaping all those harmful chemicals are removed. Tar is one harmful substance which is in both tobacco and cannabis. Therefore if you are a pot smoker, vaping is so much better and safer for your health. There are people out there that are making their own eJuice. Unless they have the expertise in production I would not inhale this product.

There are numerous companies available that provide a great eJuice with quality ingredients. But there are also companies that sell a sub-standard eJuice that lacks flavor and has a short shelf life. The price might look enticing, but the quality could be lacking. The world of vaping is changing and new products are popping up practically every day. Getting together with fellow vapers is also a good way of discovering new flavors with quality ingredients. Just the other day a friend of mine let me try some of his Kahuna’s brand Pleasing Pineapple. I was so impressed I ordered a bottle the very same day. Remember to seek out an eJuice with quality ingredients, it will make all the difference.