Are you obsessed with hot chicks and vaping? I am. So if you are you too. Then I think I can help bring some joy into your day by telling you about the sexiest girls of Instagram. Seriously, there are so many to ogle at and they come in all shapes and sizes. The girls I am telling you about are more than just eye candy, although it is some serious eye candy. These girls vape, they are sexy and they have that certain “je ne sais quoi.”


Oh yes fellas, Amber certainly shines. This girl exudes all things sexual. Hold on, I need a tissue. She has got the tiny frame and killer bazookas. She is covered in tattoos and has a look in her eyes like she would eat you alive. I’m game. It is clear to see why she has got over 80,000 followers. And we all know why. She is cool, she likes twerking, tattoos, vaping, the moon, high vibrations, getting stoned and kind people. I am ready to head down to the church and reserve a priest for Sunday. I certainly hope she says yes.


Oh yes! Cam Winins is winning my heart and breaking it at the same time. This vaping vixen is so hot I can only look at her pics with one eye open to avoid having an accident.  She is soo hot. And her 60,000 avid followers feel the same way. She represents vape companies and runs vape model expos which can land hot vaping chicks cash prizes and modelling gigs. She is worth a follow if you’re a girl or a guy or just like vaping.


Synatra is not typically my type of vaping hottie. But there is something really dirty about her. She just looks like she would be a complete pig in the sack. And I like that, her 120,000 followers probably do too. Synatra is not the typical hot blond with giant boobs. She is a petite brunette but she has got a look to her that intrigues me. She also takes vaping very seriously. But most of all for me she is sexy. She likes guys, girls and photo shoots. Take a peak. If you don’t get aroused you’re dead.

Pandora Blue

Pandora Blue is one of the overall hottest vaping chicks on Instagram or anywhere on the Internet for that matter. She is big in every way. Her body is big, her bust is enormous her tattoos cover her from head to toe and she is sexy. She loves to promote vaping and cannabis. That’s it I am filing for divorce. Where was Pandora Blue when I met Agnes from Accounting. Fuck! She has over 1.6 million followers. Oh, and me, so 1.6 plus one.


Hannah is a peach alright, a peach I would like to squeeze every last drop of delicious juice out of. Any normal man or woman would kill for these peaches. Hannah only has about 130,000 followers.  But that number is growing fast. She’s got over 4,000 publications and is a big smoke-free advocate and of course a serious vaping promoter.


Pricilla is the real deal boys and girls. This is everyone’s sexual fantasy. She rocks Instagram with mad promos and vaping gear giveaways. She is for hire and does show’s in Las Vegas. And to look at her is to need an instant cold shower and a couple of cigarettes afterward. She is my personal favourite. I just looked at her photos. Give me a minute. We need a cleanup in aisle five.

Sexiest Vape Girls of Instagram

The Sexy vaping girls of Instagram are in great abundance. These are just a few of my favourites. I have many, many more. But that is all the time we have for today. And I think I have got you all riled up enough for one afternoon. We will be back soon with more hot vaping chicks for your viewing and your wicked pleasures. Cheers!