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What are the best 5 everyday vape hacks? Well, if you happen to search “vape hacks”, the search results that’ll come up are huge! Even Pinterest has climbed aboard and boasts page after page of nifty little vape hacks. Pinterest hacks seem to all be stands/holders for an electronic cigarette but that’s beside the point! Let’s check out some everyday vape hacks – which may or may not include a nifty little holder!

The Best 5 Everyday Vape Hacks – Buy Premium

The first vape hack is actually just a simple rule of thumb – and that’s to always buy premium. Premium products ensure that they made the liquid with premium base ingredients, along with FDA approved flavourings and do not include the addition of cheap, harmful ingredients such as Diacetyl and Acetoin. Someone can find Diacetyl and Acetoin in cheap, inferior products, blended by companies in China or are blended using ingredients sourced from China. These ingredients are the reason vaping has a bad rep as they can cause such issues including popcorn lung. To ensure you are vaping a quality product, make sure the company blends their liquids in North America, with ingredients they’ve sourced from North America.

The Best 5 Everyday Vape Hacks – Keep It Hardware Clean

This vape hacks, unfortunately, one that is too often overlooked. But honestly, cleanliness is a point that’s too often overlooked in any aspect of life. To keep your hardware clean, regularly take the electronic cigarette apart, and clean each piece individually. The cleaning process will all depend on the device being used, so, find a video that pertains to the specific device in question. Keeping hand sanitizer/alcohol wipes in your vape kits another very handy (and clean!) vape hack. Both products not only aid in keeping an electronic cigarette clean but can also clean off any e-Liquid etc that may have gotten on yourself in the clean/refilling process!

The Best 5 Everyday Vape Hacks – Charger/Extra Battery

An electronic cigarette’s completely useless without a battery/charge. Hence, why carrying a charger and/or extra batteries crucial for new, and old vapers alike. When transporting batteries, pack the batteries correctly and safely. Improperly packed batteries can lead to short circuiting and in extreme cases – explosions. So keep batteries in cases when transporting them, having them loose in a kit, purse or even in your pocket can be dangerous! And lastly, make sure all the necessary attachments for the charger are on your persons before leaving!

The Best 5 Everyday Vape Hacks – Prime Coils

A very common and easily avoidable mistake amongst new and regular vapers alike is the forgotten aspect of priming coils before vaping. Priming the coil guarantees that the user experiences the highest quality flavour available. Another reason vapers prime their coils is to avoid any harsh tastes and/or burnt coils. Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep extra coils with you and while you are at it, extra atomizers, clearomizers, tanks..whatever might be handy with those coils!

The Best 5 Everyday Vape Hacks – Have a Stand/Holder

And lastly, as mentioned previously, a stand or holder! There are hundreds of different options available as a stand/holder for an electronic cigarette. Just take a gander at Pinterest and there is an abundance of nifty little d.i.y electronic cigarette holders. An electronic cigarette holder’s a handy vape hack that not many users think about. But boy oh boy does that stand/holder make a difference! Vapers can rest assured that their electronic cigarettes kept upright, assuring that the e-Liquid stays where it should.

Got any vape hacks that have saved your own butt? Leave a comment below with that hack!