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The Best Destinations in the World for Vaping

There are many cities in the world that are great for us, the vaping community. There are also many cities and entire countries that prohibit vaping all together. Of course, you would expect places like the Middle East and countries ruled by dictators to not tolerate vaping.

But what’s really crazy is that some countries that are very modern like Brazil have made vaping illegal all together. Imagine that. The country that has carnival and prostitution and cigarette smoking will not allow you to vape. This goes to show you how powerful Big Tobacco Companies are and how big a threat vaping is to their poison peddling.

Luckily, there are great cities all over all over that have absolutely no problem with vaping and even encourage it, and why not? It is clearly the better health choice and not harmful to those around you. So, if you’re planning a trip we think this list might help you plan the perfect itinerary.

The USA – Las Vegas, Seattle and Boston

Las Vegas should really not come as a surprise if you know anything about Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And this includes vaping. You can merrily stroll down Freemont Street unmolested while vaping. Well, the prostitutes might molest you. But the police won’t. Vaping is 100% accepted everywhere. You can stroll right into any restaurant, bar or casino blowing fat clouds and no one will bother you.

Seattle is a pretty mellow city as well. Seattle has become a universal hub for pot smokers. So, it only makes sense that they could care less about electronic cigarettes or vaping. This city is one of the few that has absolutely no laws banning or restricting vaping. You can vape indoors and outdoors freely. Seattle also boasts more vaping shops than any other city in the USA.

Boston is a surprise new comer to the list. For many years Boston was a famously conservative town. Having grown up there, I have firsthand experience. Everything was illegal. You couldn’t even buy beer on Sundays. We would have to take the 3 hour drive to New Hampshire for a case of beer. And we did, every Sunday. That has all changed. You can buy beer everywhere now, any day any time. Gay marriage is legal and so is pot smoking. Who would have thought? So, it stands to reason that you can vape in public and in some bars and restaurants, although, smoking is heavily frowned upon. So, you will find that many places where smoking is prohibited so too is vaping. But, I use discretion. So too should you.

The UK London

London is super tolerant of vaping. Just don’t tell that to the Queen. She will have you thrown in London Tower screaming, “Off with your head!” Fortunately, she doesn’t make the laws, Parliament does. And they have a very different view of vaping. London is full of vaping cafes. And nowhere else will you see more people walking down the streets admiring Big Ben with e-cigs in their hands. London is much more in touch with vaping than Paris, where every teenager chain smokes cigarettes.

Australia Sydney

Sydney is a great travel option for vaping. They do have very serious anti-smoking laws. But somehow they never got around to passing any sort of legislation against vaping. Hell, the kangeroos vape. But you don’t have to hide out in the outback with the Pigmies to vape. You can freely walk the streets of Sydney and right into the Opera House and no one will look twice at you. Way to go Mates!

Viet Nam Ho Chi Min

Ho Chi Min has come a long way from the bombarded rice fields of the 1970’s. War reparation repairs paid for by the USA have made Ho Chi Min one of the world’s newest popular destinations. The cost of living is cheap, the women are beautiful and vaping is not a problem.  The bars are modern and kite surfers flock to Moon Beach for the cheap and easy Asian lifestyle. Just be careful there are ladyboys in Ho Chi Min too.

The Netherlands Amsterdam

We really shouldn’t even need to tell you this, as Amsterdam has always been very liberal. We used to fly there just to be able to smoke pot without getting arrested. They allow everything from red light districts, to open prostitution, to drugs like mushrooms and of course, the world’s most famous coffee shops for pot smoking. So, it would be foolhardy to imagine that they would frown upon vaping.