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The eJuice Flavour Guide. Today in the wonderful world of vaping there is a cornucopia of flavours to choose from. Sometimes companies refer to these vaping products as eJuice or eLiquid. Let it be clear that they both refer to the same thing. eJuice/eLiquid is made from VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol). There are some companies that offer pure VG juice. But we are here to talk about the various flavours that are available for your vaping enjoyment. Let me break it down into categories so you will have a better understanding of what might be to your liking.

The eJuice Flavour Guide

TOBACCO – Tobacco flavours are one of first flavours people who have smoked cigarettes try. Along with nicotine levels that vary from 0-24mg/ml. This has proven very helpful for those who are quitting smoking. Nicotine is one of the addictive chemicals known to man.

But it is not the nicotine that is harmful or carcinogenic in tobacco. The over 4000 chemicals and tar is the reason that makes tobacco very dangerous. Therefore switching to vaping tobacco flavors is the easiest way of quitting cigarettes. Here are some popular flavoured sellers. American, Canadian, black cherry, honey, strawberry, and butter rum.

The reason is you still achieve the smoking sensation without smoking. Moreover, former smokers are likely to start out with a high nicotine level to satiate the urge to smoke. If stopping nicotine is your goal, gradually reducing nicotine levels to 0% is possible.

So there is a time in most vapers lives when they start to experiment with other flavours. But after they discover flavours other than tobacco they rarely go back. Here are some of the reasons why.

The eJuice Flavour Guide – Destiny of Change

SWEET – Sweet flavours abound. Like a kid in a candy store, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of sweet sensations. Cotton candy, bubblegum, sweet tarts, gummy bears, red licorice etc. These are great when you have sweet tooth and want something to vape instead of ingesting empty calories. Sweet flavours are ideal to bring back memories. Likewise, you don’t have to chew bubble gum anymore when you are 50 years old.

BREAKFAST – How would you like a nice plate of waffles with maple syrup? Would you like a cappuccino or a Colombian cup o Joe that Juan Valdez would recommend? Perhaps a freshly baked pudding is what you are craving. Maybe you have an urge for some krunchy squares or frosty pebz. Who does not remember those days of early morning madness of gobbling down bowls of sweet cereal? With vaping you can, therefore, have breakfast with coffee any time of the day!

DESSERT – There many tasty desserts to choose from. Practically ever eJuice company offers an after-dinner delight. Apple pie, chocolate cake, cinnamon bun, vanilla custard, banana nut bread, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies etc. So many delicious flavors to choose from. Desert flavours go great with coffee or tea.

The eJuice Flavour Guide – Vaping Variety

FRUIT – Fruit flavours are very popular in the vaping community. With staples such as orange, apple, grape, peach, pear, banana, raspberry, blueberry etc. Also available are some exotic flavours such as kiwi, mango and passion fruit. There are no doubt combinations of every fruit in the world. Companies are mixing up flavours to create something new all the time. If you can think of one, there is one out there or soon will be.

DRINKS –  Are you wishing you were lying on a tropical beach? Why not vape some pina colada or pineapple/ passion fruit. Vanilla cola, cherry cola, raspberry lemonade, watermelon, and strawberry milkshake are yours to sample.

Drink flavours are also a top seller, for their refreshing qualities. Very nice to vape on a hot summers day. Coffee flavours are very popular. You can now savor your cup of coffee any time of the day. Espresso, caramel macchiato, cappuccino, toffee coffee or cinnamon coffee. Whatever your coffee taste is, you will find it.

To sum this up, I would also recommend going to a vape shop, where they will let you sample different eJuice before you buy. This can save you disappointment if you order something you are not pleased with. I hope the eJuice flavour guide has been of help to you. Vaping is fun when trying new flavours. Enjoy the adventure!