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Vaping Expos – What are They?

Vaping Expos are essentially international trade shows. It’s the best place for newcomers to learn and veterans to trade, sell and teach. Like any expo or convention, everyone is excited about the same thing. In this case, it’s all things vape related. Vaping Expos – What are They?

Think of it as a Star Trek convention. You get to spend time with like-minded friends who all share an exuberant passion for all things Star Trek, or in our case, vaping. You get to rub elbows with the “Captain Kirks” and the “Mr. Spocks” of the vaping universe. You can check out the latest technology, mingle with hot vaping chicks, try all sorts of freebies and gear up. So beam up to a vaping expo near you. There’s always a big expo going on somewhere cool in the world.

Participants in these festive events have access to the latest vaping gear and eJuices on the market. There’s always great food and entertainment as well. One of the nice things about expos is that everyone in town is on an “expo vacation.” So, there are usually numerous other smaller events going on over the weekend. It’s really a super way to make friends, market yourself and most importantly have fun.

Are Vaping Expos Only For Pros?

Hell no! It’s all about you and anyone else who loves to vape. The folks running the shows and selling their wares are professionals. But they thrive off the newcomers and customers. Expos depend upon both new vapers and the seasoned veterans to be successful. It’s like a market, restaurant or any other business that relies on sellers and buyers. It is not a one way street by any means.

But, yes to answer the question, in one manner, expos are for Pros. They also happen to be for non-pros as well. But let’s look at the pro side of expos first. It’s the big electronic cigarette companies, eJuice and eLiquid manufacturers and retailers of gear. And of course, the promoters who put on the Expos make a fortune as well. They make percentages of sales from the wholesalers, hotels, and various local businesses that contract for the show.

Vaping Expos are a great place for big online retailers to set up a table. These companies usually don’t have brick and mortar stores where you can purchase their products. So, expos are perfect for smaller companies trying got get noticed and the bigger ones trying to unload product.

Are Vaping Expos for Newbies Like Me?

Expos are for you and me and the entire family. They put these shows on for us. They want to entertain us, teach us everything we want to learn and most of all, make some money. So, everyone wins. We really benefit from these expos in lots of ways. Many booths give away their stuff as this is a super promotional opportunity for them to garner new clientele. Even the stuff you buy will be well under market value, even under wholesale much of the time.

Bring a backpack and some comfortable sneakers because you are going to do some walking. And you want to, trust me. You will want to try and see as many vendors and demonstrations as possible. I can guarantee you will be leaving with al back full of freebies and other cool stuff. And you might be a bit tired. But at least your feet will be ready for a night of dancing and partying with your new friends at the hotel lobby vape bash they always put on for the guests.

What Else is a Vaping Expo?

Your first vaping expo won’t be your last. There are so many other reasons, aside from picking up the latest and greatest products. Travel is my favourite. After going to one in Chicago I was hooked. I took a long weekend trip there. The expo was a party. Everyone was drinking at the bar, socializing and there was a killer live Rock band. The next day we had a group of 30 new friends on a tourist day trip all over the town. And then we went and saw Wrigley field and the Cubs lose 10-1. I have since been to expos in Boston, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Toronto. They have all been a blast.

Another surprising benefit was the fact that I landed a job. I have made so many good friends and great business connections. I was offered a job writing blogs about all things vaping. As a result, I now reside in the Caribbean and work from the beach. And I owe it all to vaping and Vaping Expos.