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Vaping in the Summer – Stay Cool and Safe

Summer has finally arrived. Now’s the right time to get outdoors and enjoy the great weather you have been waiting for. Barbeques,  beaches and concerts are only some of the outdoor activities you can enjoy while vaping. Sitting around the campfire, strolling in the park, lawn bowling, pitching horseshoes or hot air ballooning are some others. There are certain important vaping tips to keep in mind in the summer months.

Sun damage

The beautiful soothing warm sun feels good on your bare skin, but your important e-Liquids can be jeopardized with heat and sunlight. Direct sunlight or heat exposure can break down and alter the flavour. Your precious fruity flavour can turn into liver and onions in the sunlight. Also, do not leave your electronic cigarette in hot cars. This can not only alter flavour but also break down the nicotine. Heat also affects the viscosity of the liquid, clogging your important atomizer.

Battery Life  

The life of your battery will be jeopardized if heated to 100-degree Fahrenheit or more. Altering the storage capacity of charging of up to 50% is not uncommon with overheating. Keeping e-Cigs and e-liquids out of direct sunlight is very important for optimum performance of your device.  

Keep Cool

Problems with summer heat can easily be rectified with simple measures. If possible keep your e-Cigs and e-Liquids in a cool dry place when not in use.  In the warm summer months, keep e-Liquids in the refrigerator for longevity.

When outdoors at a park, beach or event ice coolers work well in keeping tasty beverages and electronic cigarettes cool and fresh. Using any means to keep your vaping products cool will work. Short outs can happen so always remember to keep your batteries away from water. Also, be careful that sand does not enter your atomizer. A plastic ziplock bag works well in this regard.

Be Prepared

The Boy Scouts are correct, you must be prepared! Thinking ahead can help alleviate most summer vaping conundrums. Bringing extra batteries and charger is important. A car charger is also a good idea if charging problems should arise. A lanyard is also very handy if you find yourself at a concert or other outdoor events. A good example of this would be a stay at a nudist colony. A lanyard solves the problem of no pockets. Sometimes it just easier to have it around your neck.

Summer Flavour Fun 

It’s summertime and the time is right for vaping cool delights. There are over 30,000 different e-Liquids to choose from in the vaping world. Many of these are perfect for summertime. Light and refreshing flavours to titillate your discerning taste buds, putting you in a happy summer vibe. Some of the most popular are Blackberry Blast, Citrus Splash, Crisp Cranberry, Island Coconut, Mango Madness, Pineapple Sunshine and Watermelon Wowzers.

These are but a few of the summer flavours that waiting to be discovered. Most vape shops will gladly let you sample various summer flavours before you buy. This is a great idea that can save you money by ensuring your product will be enjoyed. 

Know The Rules 

Before venturing forth to your favourite summer destinations, remember to check on vaping ordinances. Some parks and beaches have a “no vaping” or “designated area” policy. Always respect local laws to reduce the chance of a hefty fine. If in doubt ask someone. 

Summer Fun 

The summer is short and you have to savour every minute of it. Vaping refreshing e-Liquids and summer are a perfect combination. So with proper planning and preparation summer vaping will be cool and safe.