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The differences in the stomach and oral health, between those who smoke cigarettes and those who vape, are substantial. The impact on your body’s microbiota is alarmingly different. Studies were conducted at The Microbiome Research, Baylor College of Medicine and The Allek Center for Metagenomics. The researcher’s findings showed major changes in healthy bacteria between the two groups. And that Vaping is Better than Smoking for Oral and Gut Bacteria.

Cigarette smoker’s microbiota levels were far less in numbers, displayed less diversity and changes on a molecular level that promote disease. Vaping appeared to have zero negative effects and no changes at all. Of course, this field of research is a relatively new science. Much more time is needed to see long term effects.

But, this is good news for those contemplating the switch from deadly tobacco to eJuice. If the bacteria in your mouth, throat and gut are healthy when vaping but show absolute signs of harm from smoking, imagine what the difference is in the rest of your body.

Initial Studies of the Microbiota

Christopher J. Stewart of the Alkek Center for Metagenomics ran a barrage of tests. They tested saliva in the mouth, genes, fecal samples and bacteria in the gut and intestines. The microbiomes showed evidence of damage to all smokers. One of the biggest changes was found in the Bacteroides in the intestines. This was accompanied by inflammation. Similar results are found in those with Colitis, Crohn’s disease and colon cancer.

But those who vaped had the same healthy gut flora as non-smokers. These findings are adding to other research in this field, confirming over and over, that the dangers of smoking are not at all associated with vaping.

More Studies Same Results

Another independent test was done by Newcastle University in the UK. They ran similar tests on smokers, non-smokers and electronic cigarette users. The findings were the same. It was impossible to distinguish between the non-smoking group and those who were vaping. And again, they saw disturbing problems in the bacteria Prevotella and Bacteroides. They significantly dropped off in numbers.

Our bodies have more bacteria than actual cells. Some of it is good and keeps us alive, others are bad and can make us sick and even kill us. These are two bacterias that are probiotics and fight disease and illness. Low levels of these bacteria in the gut and intestines lead to autoimmune diseases and digestive problems. Those digestive problems can lead to death. The mind is also affected. Patients develop depression, thought issues, sleeping disorders and more.

You Want a Gut Full of Good Bacteria

The researchers point out that a healthy gut is crucial to overall health. We have only listed a few ailments. The scary thing is that these diseases lead to more complicated and life-threatening illnesses. The results confirm that vaping does not hinder these healthy natural processes. But more importantly, it points out that smoking most assuredly does lead to disease.

We already know the dangers of smoking. Tobacco cigarette smoking will, in all likelihood, lead to cancer and a cornucopia of other problems that you do not want. It looks as though vaping is a good alternative to those who desire or cannot quit smoking.

Of course, we will need years to look at the long term negative effects of vaping. But for now, we have solid initial studies indicating that vaping is by far the healthier choice. You owe it yourself and anyone who loves you to at least give vaping a try. If you can’t quit cigarettes, at least give vaping a try. It could save your life and the happiness of those around you.