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Is Vaping Safer Than Tobacco? Vaping is definitely safer than tobacco. Tobacco is carcinogenic and contains thousands of harmful chemicals. These chemicals affect practically every organ in your body. Smoking has been shown to cause cancer in the lungs, heart, throat, liver, pancreas, bladder. Tobacco also causes heart disease, high blood pressure and can lead to debilitating strokes.

Some of the worst of these chemicals are Benzene which is an ingredient in gasoline and pesticides. Vinyl Chloride is a chemical that can be found in plastics and cigarette filters. Formaldehyde in liquid form is used to preserve dead bodies. This chemical is responsible for many eye, nose and throat problems. There are also very toxic metals such as Arsenic and Cadmium that are very poisonous. Believe it! there are even radioactive toxic metals in tobacco that pose a great danger to living tissue. Radioactive Lead-210 and Polonium-210. These substances are in small amounts but are certainly dangerous. Also, let’s not forget the poisons tobacco contains.

Ammonia and Nicotine

Ammonia is used in fertilizers and various cleaning products. Cigarette companies utilize ammonia to boost nicotine’s addictive properties. Hydrogen Cyanide was what was used to kill millions in the Nazi gas chambers. This poison has now helped to kill millions with cigarettes. Carbon Monoxide is in large amounts in automobile exhaust. Tar is abundant in cigarette smoke and clogs the respiratory system. Also, tar is known to be a conduit that helps carry other harmful toxins through the bloodstream.

Nicotine is also a poison but only in large amounts and is not a known carcinogen. However, nicotine is the addictive component of tobacco. This brings us to the alternative to smoking, which is vaping. Vaping an electronic cigarette has proven to be a very effective way of quitting tobacco products. e-Liquid contains only 1-3 components. Vegetable grade vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and nicotine. Studies have shown that these ingredients are not carcinogens. Both VG and PG are found in various products and have been for years. So by quitting smoking and switching to vaping, you are vastly improving your health.

Save Money, Live Healthier

Many people have reduced their e-Liquid nicotine levels to 0%, thus breaking their addiction to nicotine altogether. Also, you will find in a very short amount time former smokers will find not only improved health but improved wealth. By smoking, your money is literally is going up in smoke. Cigarettes these days are very expensive. The average package of cigarettes in Canada is $14.00. This means if you are a 1 pack a day smoker you are spending over $5000.00 a year on cigarettes. This is insane to spend vast amounts of money to cause costly health problems and contribute to an early death.

Life is precious and short, why make it shorter! Vaping is definitely safer and far less expensive than tobacco. Moreover, with vaping, there is no worry about the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. It is unfortunate that vaping has been put in the category as cigarettes. There have been reports that vaping can lead to cigarette smoking. Cigarettes taste so foul in comparison to flavoured e-Liquids, that I feel a very small number of vapers would begin to smoke tobacco. With the legalization of marijuana in many countries and states, people are now vaping THC. This is also proven to be a safer way of ingesting cannabis. So because cannabis contains almost twice the tar of cigarettes, vaping is also safer in this regard. Cigarette smoking is definitely on the decline. Many people have tried the patch, pills, gum and hypnosis to quit, but have relapsed.

Vaping Safer Than Tobacco? – No Carcinogens In e-Liquid

Vaping is the obvious healthy choice. Electronic cigarettes have evolved to become more efficient, leading to a more pleasurable vaping experience. In conclusion, I would say vaping is definitely a safer alternative than smoking. Being of legal age and keeping your vaping e-Liquids and electronic cigarettes out of the reach of children is very important. The most important thing you can do if you smoke now is to quit. If you have problems with your method of quitting, vaping could be your pathway to success. Vaping safer than tobacco? No debate!