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What are some Vaping Tips For Newbies? Well for starters, the first and foremost important tip for all newbies out there; purchase premium products. Do not skimp out and purchase something that’s made with inferior base liquids, harmful flavourings and even dangerous additives such as Diacetyl. While there are liquids available for purchase at unheard of low prices, these are the types of liquids you generally want to stay away from. These liquids are unfortunately produced in China, using harmful, even synthetic materials. And don’t be fooled by companies that say they produce their liquids in North America. Make sure that they also state that the base liquids, flavourings, and nicotine are also sourced in North America. The ingredients in e-Liquids are as follows; Propylene Glycol. Vegetable Glycerin. Natural and Artifical flavourings, as well as Nicotine if wanted.

Vaping Tips For Newbies – Utilizing Resources

Another tip for newbies is to definitely know the device you are using! Whether that be reading the instructional manual the electronic cigarette came with. Or going online to watch real people instruct you on just how to use your new electronic cigarette. Resources such as google and youtube can be a lifesaver when the instructions are just not computing. While you’re at it, make sure that you know how to properly maintain and clean your device. There are also bits in the provided instruction that will layout out how to do so, alongside videos as well. Ensuring that connection points are clean and dry can make a world of difference!

Vaping Tips For Newbies – e-Liquid Knowledge

What other tips would a newbie to vaping want to know? How about how to store your e-Liquids! Proper storage techniques will ensure that your liquids stay fresh and tasty. Liquids should be kept in a cool, dark location, one that’s away from direct light and heat. Additionally, newbies should also know what the nicotine strengths mean! For instance, whats higher 0mg or 24mg? Most will say 24mg and that is absolutely correct. 24mg’s is the highest level of nicotine available in an e-Liquid. While 0mg’s is the least level of nicotine available, 0mg means there’s no nicotine added. There are numerous strengths of nicotine available between these two strengths. These strengths include, but are not limited to; 3mg, 4mg, 6mg, 8mg, 12mg, and 18mg.

Additionally, newbie vapors should know what the different percentages of PG/VG mean. PG stands for Propylene Glycol, while VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. Propylene Glycol, which is deemed safe for humans, is thin and is often used as a base for medicines amongst many other uses. While Vegetable Glycerin, who is also safe for humans, is a sweet, thick, vegetable oil-based liquid. Some people may have allergic reactions to high PG levels, this reaction will be a scratchy, itchy throat. Vegetable Glycerin creates, large, thick clouds and Propylene Glycol carries flavour very well!

Vaping Tips For Newbies – Kits

Get a kit! What should this kit contain exactly? Well, today’s your lucky day, because here is a list of what you should keep in that kit!

Spare Battery

Nothing is more disappointing than getting to an event and your battery begins blinking at you. Kind of makes you want to throw if – haha. Keep a spare battery, hey even two if you know you’re a heavy vaper or will be gone that long two may be necessary!

Battery Charger

Going along with a spare battery, some devices don’t take batteries, but rather the battery can be recharged again and again. In this instance you would need to have a battery charger, also keep in mind to bring the appropriate charging doc as well.

Extra e-Liquid

This to me is obviously a no-brainer! What’s the point of bringing every single piece of machinery to a job site but forgetting the gas that’s needed to run them! Definitely bring extra liquid in that kit of yours!

Extra Coils

Coils are definitely something that every kit should carry. A basic rule of thumb pretty much is that you keep an extra of whatever the device at hand requires to function properly and efficiently. What’s the point of bringing a keg if you forget the tap? Note there are various coils that fit assorted devices, atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers…just ensure you’re purchasing the correct piece!

Extra Wicks

Depending on what kind of electronic cigarette is being used, wicks may or may not be needed. That being said if you are using a device that uses wicks, then having some extra wicks is pretty crucial. So keep prepared, be one step ahead and have some extras in an accessible kit!

Alcohol Wipes

Lastly, this one is actually one of my own vaping tips for newbies. I’m not into the whole sharing thing, so when someone is overeager, or just doesn’t seem to have manners and uses my mod…This is where the alcohol wipes come into play! Open up a pack and go ahead clean off that mouthpiece until you’re satisfied there are no unwanted germs.