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What are Drippers, Squonkers and Cloud Chasers?

Question, what are Drippers, Squonkers and Cloud Chasers? Seriously! For those who’ve never heard this type of vaper lingo before, hearing someone get called a “squonker” or identifying as a “squonker” would be baffling! So, to help clarify what a couple of these odd vaper names are, without further adieu! “What are Drippers, Squonkers and Cloud Chasers?”


Let’s start with Drippers. Drippers directly “drip” their e-Liquid onto the coil using a small bottle. The e-Liquid saturates the coil within the coil, then thru the process of heating and inhalation, the e-Liquid turns to vapour. Dripping provides the user with a better taste quality alongside a stronger nicotine hit. Experienced vapers would suggest that users use the appropriate gear to drip their e-Liquid. With that being said, some people don’t care much and use a regular device. But hey, whatever works for you!

About 3-4 small drops of e-Liquid dropped directly onto the coil will provide a couple of nice fat hits. Ensure though that there’s not a surplus of e-Liquid on the coil as this will lead to what’s known as “spit back”. Spit back happens when there’s too much e-Liquid on the coils or the applicator has dropped some around the coil resulting in the e-Liquid heating and spitting out from the sides. Dripping is honestly a bit of a tedious task because as stated previously, 3-4 drops of e-Liquid only last a couple of hits. Then, the vaper must repeat the whole dripping process again and again. Vapers should also take note not to try to take more than a couple of hits after each e-Liquid application. This will just cause the coils to run dry and overheat, leaving a bad taste after each hit.


Squonkers are bonkers! Lol, I’m just playing. “Squonking” or a “bottom feeder mod” is essentially the lazy man’s dripper because it provides a way to drip “hands-free”. The act of Squonking itself has been around since approximately 2009 and allows the user to reach the fullest flavour potential available. This method of vaping is not as mainstream as say “drippers” are. But you will notice that most dripper kits actually include a bottom feed pin within the setup.

How the squonker works are the bodies of the squonker mods each have a battery and with a bottle and a built-in “skunk hole” which allows the user to squeeze the bottle. This pressure enables the liquid to travel up the pin to saturate the cotton within the coil. This bottom feed pin allows the liquid to come from the bottom of the mod to the top coils and back down after the pressure from squeezing the bottle’s released. With squonking, under squonking may occur. This is because the cotton’s not saturated enough. Another issue associated with squonking is over squonking. Over squonking is where the liquid has over-saturated the cotton and the excess e-Liquid hasn’t settled back down into the bottle. Resulting in the excess e-Liquid spilling out the sides. If dripping has gotten to be too much of a hassle, give squonking a try!

Cloud Chasers

Lastly, cloud chasers. Cloud Chasing is a pretty fun vaping activity! Who doesn’t want to blow HUGE clouds and do wicked cloud tricks as the trick vapers do?! There are actual “Competitive Vape Competitions” that run in Canada, the U.S and Indonesia. There are professional vapers who participate in these competitions by exhaling large amounts of vapour in unique and different shapes. But also note that mere vapers like you and I may partake in the cloud chasing game as well. Although, it’s pretty darn cool to check out videos on youtube of these professional vapers doing crazy tricks like “the bull ring” and “the vape bend”. 

Cloud chasers need to choose a high VG e-Liquid in order to vape huge clouds. Specifically blends that are at least a 70/30 mix or higher VG to PG ratios. But it should be noted that most cloud chasers use a 100%VG e-Liquid blend with no nicotine added. Next, the mod used for cloud chasing is a sub ohm device or a rebuildable atomizer. Bear in mind that with cloud chasing, the vaper cannot inhale the vapour entierly or even at all. Meaning that the vapour hit taken is just held in the vapers mouth rather than being inhaled thru the lungs. Unfortunately, cloud chasers are the ones who generally give a bad name to vaping. This is because of the huge clouds cloud chasers take. So cloud chasers take note, when out in public. You are not a professional vaper in a competition, you’re out in public so keep it discreet!